Mouse compatible with standard Microsoft Mode.

IBM compatible PCs running Windows Operating System which supports USB devices.

If your computer doesn’t have built in Bluetooth function, please make sure that you have the Bluetooth Dongle. Bluetooth Dongle is not included in this product.

Main Features

l Switchable CPI among1000/1200/1600

l Features comfortable, ergonomic design

l Built-in software solutions with Bluetooth human interface device and comply with the standard version of the Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth 2.0

l Work with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista OS

l AAA alkaline battery x2

l Frequency band: 2.4 – 2.4835GHz unlicensed ISM band

l Receiving sensitivity: -75bm (standard)

l Operation distance: 10m

l Operating temperature: -10~85°C

l Workable environment: 0-55°C

l Humidity: 20%-50%


! The optical mouse cannot work on a glass or mirror surface. Avoid operating this mouse on a glossy surface. Otherwise, this mouse may not operate normally.

! For consideration of saving battery power, it is strongly recommended to operate an optical mouse on a bright surface with fine texture to obtain lower power consumption of the Agilest high illumination LED. A very dark surface will cause higher power consumption.

! For a better transmission distance, avoid to use this device on a metal plate or desktop because a large surface of iron, aluminum. Operating on a metal may cause the transmission distance shorter.

Installation Guide

Step1. Inserting Batteries

1. Remove the battery cover.

2. Inset 2 AAA alkaline batteries. (Please be cautious of the polarity of the batteries).

3. Close the battery cover, turn the mouse power, while pressing the right key and then release, this time the mouse is in pairing mode

Step2. Connecting the Mouse to the Dongle.

Before you install the Bluetooth Mouse, please make sure that your computer supports Bluetooth function, and finished the Bluetooth software installation. Software available like Wincomm(Recommended), IVT or the Microsoft built-in software(can not connect to the headset).

Press and hold the connect button at the bottom until the Red LED light turns quick flashing. Please note that the connect button is only useful during the match procedure.


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