1. Advanced biometric fingerprint sensing technology for enhanced security.
2. Support for Win10 and above systems.
3. 0.15 second instant login, capacitive touch, 360 degree full angle recognition.
4. compact and portable.
5. Features: Fingerprint Recognize, One Contact Unlock, Easy to Use
More features:
Support file encryption function, file encryption transmission.
Support for multi-user management functions.
Support website platform account fingerprint login.
Support fingerprint payment function.
Model Number: Fingerprint Reader Lock
Use the uniqueness of your personal fingerprint to prevent unauthorized access to your computer without permission.
Using the biometric capacitive fingerprint acquisition device, the fingerprint information can be correctly judged whether it is a living body or a duplicate fingerprint, and only the living fingerprint information is compared, which enhances the security.
An independent security algorithm stores the collected fingerprint information. And it can be compared with the executed fingerprint information, and it is safer and more convenient to confirm that the computer is unlocked. The algorithm uses dynamic optimization to make the data safer while using it.
Size: 2.4cm * 1.7cm * 0.8cm/0.94 inch * 0.67 inch * 0.31 inch (Approx.)
color: black
Material:Zinc alloy

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